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What our Clients have to say about their Savannah Cats from Spots On The Lake!

If you have one or more ( yes many have more than one!) of our savannahs in your home and want to send me your testimonial please email me with a picture lisa@savannahcat.ca and I would be happy to add to our extended Cat family album!

F2 Savannah Taser

"Taser is growing into the most amazing pet I have ever had. He is far exceeding all our expectations.The best thing he likes is going out for walks, and he especially liked the week-end trips to the cabin this past summer"

Boo is now 4 1/2 months old. Our darling little boy was born at Spots On The Lake in Niagara-on-the-Lake under the very experienced and watchful eye of Canada's finest Savannah breeder, the renowned Lisa Jeffrey. 

Special thanks to Aunt Nancy and Jeremiah for making the trip and bringing this little sweetheart to us.

Boo's mom is the gorgeous Miss Maisy and his dad is the handsome Kuma.

Boo is a F2 Savannah and is a half brother to our F3 Savannah Scout. They both share the same father.

We couldn't be more pleased with our "little purr monster" Boo. He is the sweetest, kindest, most loving, most cuddly, playful, most gentle kitten on the planet. An absolute dreamboat in every respect.

And yes, he loves to have his tummy rubbed.


F3 Savannah Napolean

"We were really happy to get a kitten from Spots On The Lake. Our F3 Neopleon is a wonderful exotic pet - we love watching his every move. Lisa met with us beforehand to answer all of our questions, and we espcially liked the fact Spots On The Lake is a Canadian breeder, and owner Lisa Jeffrey one of the first in Canada to work with this breed. Her experience is extensive, and her discretionary breeding practices mean select litters a year, of top quality kittens. Thanks Lisa! " 

F3 Savannah Ekko

"Ekko is my little baby, he makes me smile every second of my life! If I leave the house there is not one second I don't think of him, and miss him! I wish I could just bring him EVERYWHERE I go! When I get home he comes running to me straight to my arms, or climbs up up my shoulder, and he does the same with my boyfriend. Ekko makes sure that I get out of bed in the AM and sleeps with us a little bit at night, He is the SWEETEST thing that ever happened to me! He helps me make the coffee in the morning, do the dishes, cook , he always has to be right thereand often won't stop crying if I don't pick him up! Ekko listens to his name and comes everytime I call him. He loves to watch TV with us, and cuddle especially around our neck or arm...He is a PURR machineoften all it takes for him to hear my voice talking to him and his little motor won't stop! He also loves to brush his teeth....after trying to steal our toothbrush, now he has his own, yet still likes ours, so we need to hide it. This little guy doesn't like it if I tie my hair, he will try to make my hair loose, honestly I NEVER get bored with him! I cannot be more grateful to Lisa, the breeder, for letting me own Ekko, he is my first savannah, and Lisa took the time to explain everything in detail that I needed to know about the breed. Even today after owning Ekko for months, Lisa is here for us no matter what our need or question is. In the future we definitely look forward to own another savannah cat, and "Spots On The Lake" is our choice! 

F3 Savannah Mahdi

Mahdi on the BOAT in the summertime.... "I really love my baby he is getting sweeter as he gets older. He is so funny, he makes me laugh everyday. I think it is impossiable to get board with a savannah. He is my "everyday clown", he makes me laugh so much. He is following me everywhere in the house, he is always near me. He is even next to me as I write this, sometimes even on my keyboard!" 

F3 Savannah Hermes & F7 Savannah Shammy

"Shammy is our cute female and Hermes is our big boy. First we got Shammy and Hermes followed a year later. These two cats are very lively! the follow us all over the house, and like our company, and they always listen to when we talk to them. The play ball with us and also like to play hide and seak. we are are very happy with them, we have never had any health issues and their fur is sleek! This is THE PLACE if you want to get a fur baby! C'est LA PLACE pour vous procurer votre animal a fourrure. Healthy and Lively, thats how your baby will be. En Sante et enjou, volia voutre futur amour en fourrure." 

F3 Savannah Sunny

"Even though we had very HIGH expectations, the addition of our savannah at Sundance Lightning Bolt to our household has exceeded them by far! Sunny is very social with everyone. He is lovable beyond words and wants to be with you at all times. He is into absoulty everything everywhere, plays fetch with his toys endlessly and charges around at lightning speed. If some item has gone missing....Sunny has it.... At night he is at the head of the bed snuggled in between us often with a paw extended to maintain physical contact." 

F2 Savannah Mallee

"Mallee is awesome, he is becoming such a people lover. He loves our guests and allows for cuddles. I should send you some more photos again, he is 4 yrs old now, we love him to pieces!" 

F2 Savannah Cat Safari

"We had been looking for another Savannah as a companion to our resident 1.5 year old F2 Savannah Cat when we found Spots On The Lake.....we were really nervous at first as the new kitten would need to be flown across the country, and it was very important to us that the the two cats get along. We wanted to make the right move for both cats. Lisa was very patient with us and answered all our questions, and she provided on-going support after Safari had safely landed. It took Safari a few days to recover from the long flight and adjust to his new home, but it wasn't long before he was a cuddler, purr monster! On Lisa's advice we gradually introduced the two cats. It wasn't always easy, but it was worth it! Within 4 weeks we had two "Best buddies" wrestling around and roaring around like they always knew each other....Safari has been an AMAZING addition to our family. He is a little Monkey always into everything and making us laugh. If you are looking for an energetic, fun loving and beautiful pet who will make you the centre of his or her world, I would highly reccomend a savannah and Spots On The Lake Cattery. I found Lisa to be professional, knowledgable, and always keeping the BEST interests of the kittens in mind. Thank-you Lisa for bringing us Safari!"

Enjoy some more photos below of Savannah kittens all grown up & all raised here at 
Spots On The Lake over the years!


Enjoy below another Testimonial for Spots On The Lake Savannahs.....

I wanted to take a moment to share my experience of Spots on the Lake and the wonderful gift of our F2 Savannah boy named Pippin. ( from parents Maisy & Kuma) I was immediately impressed with Lisa in terms of her attention to detail regarding adoption screening process.  This was a clear indicator of her professionalism and commitment to find forever loving homes for her beautiful cats.  Lisa was very friendly, open, and helpful with any and all questions we had regarding initial introduction of our new Savannah to our home and helping Pippin blend in with our existing family (two other Tabby cats).


Pippin has been nothing short of a joy to have in our home and quickly made a home in our hearts; from his loud thudding footsteps that can be heard throughout the house, to his inquisitive and playful nature.   Pippin is truly a stunning example of the beauty this breed possesses.  Pippin has a rich golden coat with that sets off his wonderful solid black spots and markings.  He has big beautiful ears and eyes that change from day to day (some days green … others a striking gold colour). He is, however; as smart as he is beautiful.  We quickly found out that no kitchen drawer is safe.  If he wants in, he will get in.  I actually got a video of this smart boy with his paw caught in the proverbial cookie drawer – it was something to see!  It is so comforting knowing that Pippin has claimed us as his own.  He is like our little guard cat.  If Kristen and I are watching a movie downstairs, Pippin will sit guard at the bottom of the stairs and only allows past his guard those he sees fit.  Pippin has a beautiful arsenal of sounds he shares on a daily basis.  He has a this very loud and long meow whenever he wants to play – he gets your attention for sure (as I smile thinking about it).  He makes little barking sounds if the neighbours (which we believe he doesn’t like much) are out tinkering away in their yard.  Pippin also has soft chirps he uses to let us know he is in the mood for a  good ol’ fashioned rub down.  Kristen and I have become very accustomed to Pippin’s  routine around the house.  Before bed, Pippin always has a bite to eat and a drink from the tap in the bath tub, followed by our personalized escort to our bedroom.  After Kristen and I are “safely” in the room,  he cuddles and rolls on the floor begging to have his belly rubbed along with his chin and Adam’s apple.  As the lights go out and we are comfortably in bed, he will do one last round of the house before rejoining us and flopping down hard in the crook of my legs.  There is nothing like the feeling of a 25+ pound cat, not so gracefully, flopping behind your legs as he settles in for the night – I LOVE IT!!!  When the morning comes, he is there ready to greet us with head butts and all kinds of affection.  Those that are Savannah owners know what I mean when I say “head butts” … there is nothing else like it.  I am talking about Pippin rearing up on his hind legs to give the head butt that little extra to say, “I love you guys!” 


Don’t get me wrong, we love all our cats and they are special in their own unique way … but I hope others will agree; there is no love like that of a Savannah.  Thank you Lisa for allowing us to have Pippin as a pet, companion, and loved member of our family. 


This is our Savannah, Xhosa, ( F2 Savannah Male from parents Maisy & Kuma) pronounced Cosa, that we bought from Lisa Jeffrey in Niagara on the Lake.  
He joined our family just over a year ago, and transitioned well, in our busy home, with 2 teen boys, a husky and deaf DLH, rescue cat.  With much guidance, by Lisa Jeffrey, we were able to incorporate him into our routine, without trouble. 
He started off in his own room, that has glass doors, viewing into the kitchen and slowly introduced him into being free around the house, without pet battles occurring. The pets now nap together in front of the fireplace, and chase off squirrels, at the many bird feeders we installed in the windows, to keep them amused. They play fight sometimes, but no one gets hurt. 

Savannahs need to stay inside so they are as much work as any indoor cat in that way. They can’t just be let outside, unless they are in a kennel( we have large dog kennel that he loves) or on a harness, which he walks very nicely on, like a dog. He has had many car rides, up to the cottage, in his kennel or harness, just fine, but he is a little nervous in the car at first. 
He just lets me trim his nails as Lisa started trimming his nails at  young age.  He loves to lay on the sofa with us at TV time. He usual only naps in the room we are in.  He has a sweet temperament, because Lisa handled them lovely as babies. He quietly purrs when you scratch him under the chin and enjoys getting a brushing. He loves to head butt and rub against our legs when he is hungry and run as fast as he can through out the house, looking for pingpong balls to play with, feather toys that are being waved around by someone, cardboard boxes we set out to sit in and chew, scratching pads  etc., but spends the afternoon napping soundly as a rule.  He usually can amuse himself, but I find he does need a little more stimulation as he is so smart and a little wild inside, making him very cool.  Even doing house work with a leash dragging behind me can amuse him happily.  Like Bengals they love to tear something up, but corrugated cardboard solves that urge. He has never tore up anything else, and is not destructive, but I did tuck precious vases in a safe spot.

Putting him in his room at night allows us all a sound sleep. They don’t howl or make noise like many cats. He doesn’t really meow except sometimes once, when we pick him up. He will let you cuddle for a little while but doesn’t really lay on our lap unless we put him there.  We place some feather toys up high, and it is remarkable how high he can jump to get them.  Everyone who visits just loves him. 
 I highly recommend Lisa Jeffrey as she answered so so many questions, she sold me an extremely healthy , problem free cat, and has obviously raised him in a loving, knowledgable way, as he is calm, confident and has no bad habits.  I’m not sure I will ever go back to other types of cat’s again, and would not use a different breeder ever.   Lisa’s Savannahs are superb!  

I have been extremely happy with the newest addition to my family- F2 savannah cat Vera! ( parents Maisy & Kuma) She is extremely affectionate and very social, fitting in perfectly with our family and two other cats. Lisa at Spots on the Lake is extremely knowledgable about the Savannah Cat breed and was was very helpful answering all of my questions. I would highly recommend Spots on the Lake to anyone looking to welcome a Savannah Cat into their home! 


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