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Spots On The Lake Policy Page

Pre-Adoption Application

Please request a pre-adoption application at the time you are ready to purchase a savannah from us or wish to place a pre-birth deposit on an upcoming litter and we will email your our pre-adoption application.

This is the first step in our adoption process.

Once the application is approved by us the next step would be to place a deposit on a kitten that is available OR a pre-birth deposit, which would be an upcoming litter not yet born.

We do not hold applications on file, so we ask that you only send it in to us for review once you are ready to adopt from us.


Once we have approved your application for adoption we will contact you and let you know. At this time you are welcome to then reserve the kitten of your choice, all deposits are non-refundable if for any reason you to not follow through with the sale, as we are marking the kitten you have choosen or spot as "sold". Deposits are half of the purchase price and balance and all shipping charges (if we are shipping) are due upon the kitten reaching 10 weeks of age.

We accept deposits to made either in the form of money order or certified cheque sent by overnight or express mail, or email money transfer (within Canada) 

We are not able to place a hold any kitten without a deposit.

When is my Kitten ready to go?

In most cases your kitten will be ready to go at age 12-16 weeks, we do not let kittens leave prior to this age, your kitten needs to be this age in order to be both physically and mentally ready to leave it's mother and siblings. Your kitten will be litter trainned, socalized and eating both wet and hard food before leaving here.

We spay all female kittens with our trusted vet before leaving us, this ensures the operation is done without any complications before the kitten goes into its new home, we keep the kitten with us post surgery for a min. of one week. The male kittens are sold on contract for you to spay with your own vet upon reaching 5-6 months of age.

You are most welcome to pick up your kitten from our cattery in person when the kitten is ready to go, or we do also offer both ground or air transportation. 
Please contact for rates. 

Our current aprox. rate for air transportation within most major cities across Canada is $400 - this includes your cat's shipping create, pad, flight ticket and transportation to the airport.

We do ship Canada wide and we are able to legally export our kittens to the US if need be, with the appropriate CITES permits in place prior to doing so, these are documents we obtain and hold a special liscence to be able to export our savannahs to other countries. All expenses for permits and inspection will be the buyers responsibility.

Spaying and Neutering

Since we strive to find forever loving PET homes for all our kittens, we feel it is our duty to always be responsiable breeders, since after all we have brought them into this world and we wish to help preserve the purity of our breed and especially our own lines in which we have been working 15 years to perfect.

All female kittens will be spayed with our vet prior to leaving here and this is included in your purchase price - this is done between 14-16 weeks usually and we keep the kitten for 1 week after surgery to ensure she is healed up and ready to settle in her new home with you.
All Male kittens will be under "contract" to be neutered with it's owner before reaching age 6 months. simply neutering you cat, will avoid spraying/marking of urine in your home and will avoid territorial aggression. 


For many years we vaccinated our savannah kittens with a safe and killed vaccine called "FEL-O-VAX PCT" this vaccine is no longer being made and the replacement to this vaccine is NOT safe for savannahs. Savannahs must only be given a killed virus vaccine ( or you may risk your savannah getting very ill or even die)

Since our choice vaccine was discountined, and there was no safe alternative, we chose to learn more about vaccines and alternatives and research more about homeopathic versions called "nosodes" we learned how these remedies given will actually work to boost the cats immune system making it strong as opposed to weakening the immune system, which is what conventional vaccines work to do in our animals which eventually can be leading to many illnesses and death in later years.

We are a firm beliver that when it comes to vaccinating cats and especially indoor cats, less is always more!

Health and Diet

We take no short cuts when it comes to our cats and that included diet!

Our cats are fed a high quaility/high protein and grain free cat kibble along with a human grade meat canned cat food served daily. 

The cat foods we use here for our own cats and their kittens are Grain Free FROMM brand 
Other treats we use here for our cats are 100% freeze dried chicken and fish treats, all natural with no additives.

Each Kitten that leaves here will come with a certified health certificate issued from our liscenced veterinarian. 

The kitten will have been examined at least 1 x with our most trusted vet before leaving here and must pass a full health exam, before being issued the certificate. 

Cattery Tours & requests to visit with our cats & kittens

We are extremly proud of our home, cattery and special nursery areas and play areas, that our kittens are born and grow up in. I have spent much time and money building it to be perfect in every way!

 We wish it were possiable to show off our home, cattery, nursery area, and all our cats and kittens to everyone who asks us to come see and interact with our cats or kittens!

But the truth is we are simply not able to be "open to the public" for the health and wellbeing of our cats and their kittens. 

Remember this is our private home too and our savannah queens are very protective of their kittens while raising them, we are not able to have strangers over which would cause them great distress and could potentially put the babies at great danger. 

My queens need to feel safe and secure when raising their babies.

We also have this policy in place beacuse of health reasons, we will not take the risk of someone potentially caring so easily a virus or illness into our cattery, this could be devestating to our cats and kittens and we just will not take that risk in order to make a sale! The health and wellbeing of our cats and their babies deserve our protection.

Rest assured if you choose a kitten from us, you will have a very healthy and strong kitten that has been raised up the right way with health a top priority for us!

I reccomend visting our " testomonal" page to read our clients reviews about me and my cats.

We have made a website with a wealth of information on the breed, we have filmed a professional video of our cattery and us interacting with our cats and I also have provided  
many photos of my home and cattery on my website so that you may see exactly where your kitten is being raised and the enviroment he/she comes from.

Lastly, cats are not dogs, so they really will not warm up to strangers as a dog would, cats need to get to know you before giving their affections!

Thank-you in advance for understanding our position.


Our Savannahs prices do vary depending on generation ( F2, F3, etc ) and quality of the kitten.

We currently raise F2 & F3 generations.

Our Savannah kitten prices start at aprox $5000 and up- depending on generation and quality.

The following prices would be examples our general pricing structure for our savannah kittens we have available, please note at any time - prices are subject to change and this is just a general guide line.

F2's $10,000 and up

F3's $5000 and up 

We practice all savannah to savannah breedings here at Spots On The Lake

Savannahs are a newer breed in development, so this is one reason you will see a real range in "quality" from one breeder to the next. It takes allot more than being able to put 2 cats together to get really great offspring! 

Good quality Savannahs are quite rare and it takes alot of time, patience and love to raise them, we have been doing this "labour" of love for almost 10 years now and I can tell you the money you spend on one of our kittens, ALWAYS goes right back into our venture of raising them...one way or another...that's just the way it goes!

As the ol' saying goes you really do get what you pay for!

I believe it is true when it comes to purchasing a savannah kitten, we are here long after the sale to answer your questions or concerns over the years, and I believe the most important thing is that you feel 100% comfortable with the breeder you choose to purchase from, we have long earned our wonderful reputation as Canada's longest standing savannah breeder, and we are more than happy to provide refrences upon request.

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