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Welcome to 

Spots On The Lake Savannah Cattery

Raising savannah cats in Ontario,Canada for 10 years now

Spots On The Lake was one of the first breeders in Canada and remains the longest standing breeder of savannahs currently in Canada.

Health & Sweet temperments being our priority here at 
Spots On The Lake Savannahs! 


I am Lisa Jeffrey and I am delighted to tell you all about this amazing cat breed! Please watch our video below to learn all about this breed, I also encourage you to read through my website, as there is a wealth of information and I have provided a great deal of photos of both our cats and their kittens that we have raised over the years.We have a testimonial page I would encourge you all to visit, to see what our clients have to say about us and their cats from us.

A little bit about our home and cattery

Our venture of raising our cats takes space!

 We have several areas that our cats can access from inside our home to large outdoor secure pens in the summer time, for fresh air, sunshine & bird watching.

Situated in the country we have so many wild birds that the kitties love to watch from the windows, and outside while they are in their secure runs getting some sunshine and relax time!

Below our home, cattery & kitten area pictures you will find a few videos from my you tube channel - one is about the breed and our cattery - the other is a fashion photo shoot of the savannah scarves I am now offering for sale - these are high end chiffon elegant works of art for all savannah cat lovers!

YouTube Video

Faith, Hope and Charitiy ( Daisy's 3 special girls :)

Below: Our special built kitten areas - constructed especially just for them!

Photo Below:

Our "Kamp Kitten" Room a nice spacious area ( kitten safe of course) with a wonderland of toys and cat trees, this is the room our kittens transistion to from the kitten nursery room, this is where our kittens learn skills such as eating, playing, socializing etc, before they depart to their forever homes at age 12 weeks minium.

Below Photo:

An example of a private heated suite for mom's to raise their babies in a quite safe and secure area of our home, we call these rooms our nursery rooms as they are used just for that purpose, birthing and raising newborn kittens, they are easy to clean/sanitize and very spacious for the babies and mom to excercise and learn those first steps!

Savannah moms need to feel secure away from strangers or any other *things* they may feel as a treat to their babies, they are protective and excellent mothers, so we must respect their natural instinct's to care for thier babies and themselves.

An example of our outdoor run, where my savannahs can access the great outdoors, but in a secure area that is fenced in and 100% safe for them to get fresh air, sunshine, and watch the many birds we have visit our country estate!

Our deck cat outdoor runs, another way for our cats to get fresh air and sunshine ( and of course watch the birds too!) during the summer, spring and fall months of the year! Lots of grass and natural logs to scratch and climb on....




Above: My sweet angel Miss Daisy...in all her glory!

Daisy's our foundation savannah, that our wonderful lines are passed down from at Spots On The Lake


Daisy's Four F2 Kittens that I hand raised with a bottle since age 1 week old


UPDATE the girls are all grown up now and are still with us and having their own kittens now and carrying on Daisy's awesome Legacy we hope for many years to come!




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