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Demdar Lily Of Spots On The Lake 

(F2 Savannah BST Proven Queen Savannah)

Lily is our F2 queen that has given us all our beautiful F3 Savannah's over the past several years.

She is an excellent mom, and give us excellent type and quality on her kittens, very consistant from litter to litter.



Bundas Maisy Of Spots On The Lake

(F1 Proven savannah queen)

Maisy is super sweet and outgoing, her kittens are amazing!!! Maisy is a wonderful mother in everyway.

Maisy is equally as beautiful and her kittens are such stunners! they really look more like F1's with very sweet temperments. Maisy's kittens are of the highest quality.

Savannahglam Africa Of Spots On The Lake 

( F1 Savannah ) 

Spots On The Lake Bastet 

( F2 B Savannah Queen) 

Bastet is a real beauty! Maisy and Kuma's kitten, kept back for my breeding program. she is a wonderful cat! most lovely temperament, sweet nature and large beautiful looking cat. Looking forward to seeing her babies 2015. She was named after the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet! Being Maisy's girl she is very special addition to my breeding program!


Spots On The Lake Faith

( F2 B Savannah)

This amazing F2 Savannah was born and hand raised here by me she was one of my orphan babies along with her two sisters, Hope and Charity.

They will carry on their late mother Miss Daisy's legacy for us here at Spots On The Lake, after suddenly losing their mom due to a birthing complication I was able to pull them through boy and they all grow up beautiful and healthy!

I am blessed to have these three special girls in my life.

How could I have picked just one? I made it easy and choose all 3 to stay with me.

Super sweet and sticks to me like glue!

Spots On The Lake Charity 

 ( F2 B Savannah)

This special F2 girl is sister and littermate to Faith and Hope. She was my second orphan baby from the same litter.

I am proud to say she will carry on Miss Daisy's legacy and bless us with some beautiful F3 babies.

She is the softest spoken out of the three sisters and very loving girl.

Spots On The Lake Hope

( F2 B proven Savannah Queen)

Hope is sister and littermate to above Faith and Charity and my third orphan baby from that litter.

She is the one that will purr non stop just from seeing my a mile away.

Very sweet temperment and amazing savannah giving us some lovely quality F3 babies.

Her and her two sister's have some wonderful genetics in their background.

Spots On The Cheetah  ( F2 B Savannah)

Cheetah is one of Maisy's girls we choose to keep back for our breeding program, she has many of the same traits her mom Maisy has, including wonderful spotting, general profile, ear markings, size and a sweet temperment, we look forward to Cheetah producing F3's for us in the future.

Spots On The Lake Tinker 

( F3 B Savannah)

She is an excellent mom, with a heart of gold, she is a wonderful cat in every sense of the word.

She is laid back and always looking for attention.



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