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Meet our Kings here at Spots On The Lake!

Safari Kingdom Kuma Kabana of 

Spots On The Lake 

Kuma has been a wonderful asset to our Savannah Program over the years.

 One of Kuma's best feature is his, outgoing, loving wonderful personality. Kuma has got great gene's and gives us BIG loving babies with great horizontal spotting patterns and warm golden colors as well as awesome green eyes!

Kuma produces some really awesome lovable Golden Spotted Very BIG babies too!

This Cat has made us very proud over and over again with the "quaility" and "type" he puts on his kittens he consistantly produces wonderful babies 


A1 Savannahs Grasshopper Of Spots On The Lake 

Our Sweet and loving natured Savannah boy has got great horizontal spotting pattern, long body and long legs, warm toned golden brown coloring and the most beautiful face with great eye shape. He's personality is amazing, he loves to cuddle and will purr and turn over for any one to pet him and rub his belly! This Savannah Boy is truly amazing, and will do great things for our program.

Grasshopper gives us the most amazing kittens- always BST colored- golden babies with solid black spots and BIG aswell in looks and temperment! Grassy is the daddy to all our F4 C Savannahs produced here to date.






Our newest addition to Spots On The Lake 

Iwanna Vader Of Spots On The Lake

A beautiful melenstic Savannah boy we look forward to seeing what he can bring forward in our breeding program in the future to produce F3's! Now just a kitten growing up. 





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