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To be considered for adoption: Must be 18 years of age. Must have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in household. Must be educated about this breed and their characteristics, traits and energy levels. Must be willing to provide a stable, safe and loving permanent home for the life of the savannah cat.

*indicates required fields 
  *Address/ City / Country:
  *What generation savannah are you seeking?:  F2
  *What gender?:  Female
 No Preference
  *What age?:  Kitten
  *Living arrangements ::  House
  *Do you::  Own
 Live with parents
  *How old are you?:
  *What is your occupation?:
  *How many hours will your cat be left alone?:
  *How many Adults & Children in home? Ages?:
  *Why have you choosen to Adopt a Savannah?:
  *Any current pets in home? Please list ages:
  *Do u plan to spay/neuter this new kitten?:  Yes
  *How Active would u like your cat?:  Sedate
 Very active
  *How long will your cat be left alone daily?:
  *Does anyone in your family have allergies?:
  *Will u allow your cat outside?:
  *If your cat is allowed outside will it be::  On Leash & Harness
 In outdoor enclosure ( escape proof)
 Allowed to wonder free
  *Where will your cat be kept in the house?:
  *Do you plan to declaw your cat?:  Yes
  *Are u willing to keep cat on same food we use?:  Yes
  *How long have you researched this breed?:
  *Do u understand the meanings of generations?:  Yes
  *What behaviors do you consider problems?:
  *Feel free to add any additional comments ::
  *Pls list 2 personal references name & phone #'s ::

Please note ** We ask that you only send in applications at the time you are ready to place a deposit and make your purchase. We are unable to keep applications on file for future " possiable" purchases. Thank-you for taking the time to compleate our application for adoption, we care very much where our savannah kittens go, as you really become our extended family when you adopt from us!

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