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People always ask me what I reccomend for good animal health, so I have decided to make a page here on my website dedicated to sharing with you the same products I use daily and highly reccomend for your savannah cats. 

I have done allot of reasearch on the subject of holistic health and diet for animals, and I personally believe these are the BEST products on the market today.

In addition to a high quality, high protein & GRAIN FREE diet we feed our savannahs, which consists of Four Star Fromm Dry foods & Fromm canned foods, and Natures Variety Organic Raw Diet we also give our cats natural supplements to keep their health at best.

We recommend these wonderful products below formulated by both a Medical Doctor ( Dr. Mercola) specializing in Natural Holistic Medicine along with Holistic DVM Dr. Becker - they have teamed up in making top quality health supplements for pets, we have used these products for years on our own pets and I have found great results for the cats, good general health, beautiful coats and less trips to the vet!

Please email me if you wish to order any of our reccomended pet supplements for your own savannah - lisa@savannahcat.ca

Complete Pet Probiotics

Bowel health is one of the top 10 reasons owners bring their pets for healthcare. Supporting your pet’s gastrointestinal health is a key factor in helping to make sure your pet is living the best life possible. The remarkable Complete Probiotics for Pets: Brings together over 10 of the most powerful strains of beneficial bacteria that are most effective for promoting optimal gastrointestinal health in your cats and dogs Provides over 58 billion bacteria in every serving when used by the expiration date printed on the package Supports your pet’s immune system function by helping them remove toxins Is a powerful way for you to help offer your pets a happy and healthy life Supports your pet’s production of B vitamins, especially folic acid and biotin, and vitamin K Probiotics can put your pet on the path to better health… as long as you choose one that delivers all that it claims. For just pennies per day, you can take an important step toward keeping your pet’s digestive system happy and thriving, and help to boost their immunity. 


 Cells with the turn over – like heart cells, mouth tissue cells, intestinal mucosal cells and immune system cells –demand high levels of CoQ10. Certain conditions can affect your pet's ability to get enough ubiquinol, or active CoQ10, such as: Increased stress load on his body Not enough CoQ10 in his diet Greater metabolic demand from cells and tissues A shortage of factors to convert CoQ10 into its active form, ubiquinol Even if your pet were to consume a diet with sources high in CoQ10 every day, she would still be faced with her body's decreased ability to convert CoQ10 into the active form she needs – ubiquinol – as she ages. That's why I recommend Ubiquinol (the reduced form of CoQ10) for dogs and cats. When you give your pet the gift of ubiquinol, you may: Help optimize energy production for cells and bodily functions Help support optimal heart health Help protect cells against free radical damage Help reduce the signs of normal aging that are caused by oxidative stress Help support optimal immune function Help support optimal brain and nervous system function Even better, since my Ubiquinol comes in an airless pump, all you have to do is press the pump to deliver the correct dosage on food or treats…. That's right. There are NO messy, oily pills to cut open. Our Ubiquinol for Pets uses a revolutionary airless pump technology. A cinch to use, this airless pump technology: Helps preserve the ubiquinol from oxygen intrusion – One of the biggest factors that may cause ubiquinol to go 'bad' is the air itself. Because it uses an airless technology, this helps the ubiquinol stay fresh until the last drop. No-fuss application – No tablets to crush or divide. Just press the pre-measured pump straight onto your pet's food or favorite treat. Best of all, there's no taste! Why take a chance when it's so easy to give the added assurance of Ubiquinol for Pets? It's a small price to pay for a better chance at optimal health and vitality 

Krill Oil

Krill Oil for Pets stands above other natural omega-3 sources, including other Krill Oil products on the market because it: Delivers essential fatty acids in the form of phospholipids for enhanced transport across your pet's cellular membranes Contains a newly-discovered health-boosting flavonoid never before isolated in non-plant sources Has a higher rate of absorption so smaller doses are sufficient Has greater resistance to spoilage and rancidity Is without no undesirable side effects even at high dosages Is free from mercury contamination unlike many other marine sources Offers all the best antioxidants not found in fish or cod liver oil Contains a full 30 g/100g of pure omega-3s, with at least 300 mcg/g more astaxanthin antioxidants, unlike other products with less than 10% omega-3 fats (all in the form of triglycerides). 

Ensuring adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids has a profoundly supportive effect on your pet's overall health. It's so important that I had to figure out a unique (and easy) way to help you supplements your pet's diet. If you've ever taken on the task of cutting open fatty acid oil capsules to sprinkle on your pet's food, you will be thrilled at this next bit of news I'm about to share. You no longer have to deal with messy pills. For my Krill Oil for Pets, we use a revolutionary dispensing method that keeps freshness in and contamination out. A technologically-advanced airless pump delivery system locks air and contaminants outside the container. And there's no guessing. One or more gentle strokes of your fingertip delivers the precise amount of Krill Oil spray directly onto your pet's food (just one spray for every 10 pounds of body weight). No mess. No sticky, oily fingers. Just the right amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids exactly where you want it! You'll even save money since there's no waste. You're assured that the oil at the bottom of the container is just as fresh and pure as the first spray. Whether you make your own pet's food or if you purchase a high quality commercial diet, supplementing with extra omega-3s is an important option for ensuring your pet's best health. 

Spirugreen Superfood

Its important to offer your pet two of nature's most nutrient-dense dietary supplements—spirulina and astaxanthin. Healthy Pets SpiruGreen is a unique complex that contains both of these supplements that's great for fins, fur, or feathers. Studies suggest these benefits when animals are directly supplemented with astaxanthin: Supports the health, longevity, and immune system in cats, dogs, and horses Supports joint and muscle recovery after exercise in racehorses and sled dogs Promotes normal neurological and eye health in dogs and cats Supports normal healthy cardiovascular health Astaxanthin not only promotes good health but vibrant, natural color, too. Meanwhile, spirulina is one of the richest beta-carotene foods, with ten mixed carotenoids. Including orange carotenes, alpha, beta, gamma, and yellow xanthophylls, these powerful antioxidants work synergistically in different sites in your pet's body. Studies on both cats and dogs show that spirulina supports good health in several ways: Helps support a strong, healthy normal immune system Helps promote a healthy coat and skin May help promote comfortable movement and flexibility Spirulina helps promote a healthy beak and skin in birds. Studies suggest it supports avian health and normal immune function without synthetic vitamins or chemicals. Healthy Pets SpiruGreen truly packs a one-two punch with all the nutrient value of spirulina, including carotenoids, phycocyanins and enzymes, plus all the goodness of astaxanthin, one of the world's most powerful fat-soluble antioxidant carotenoids. 

Healthy Pets Digestive Enzymes

To be frank, today’s commercial pet foods lack healthy natural enzymes. In essence, the food is dead, over-processed and in-organic. Production of both canned food and dried kibble require very high temperatures, which destroy any live enzymes present in the food. Enzymes are needed to help unlock these food nutrients and aid in digestion. As your pet ages, production of enzymes declines. And this can lead to unwanted consequences for your pet. Using only the finest ingredients available- these five enzymes to include in Healthy Pets Digestive Enzymes: Betaine HCl - break down proteins into peptides and amino acids and fats into triglycerides Ox Bile Extract – safely used for many years in human and pet enzyme products to support the liver’s production of bile and offer supplemental bile for bile-deficient pets, critical for digesting fats Bromelain (pineapple) – one of the safest and most powerful enzymes to help break down and digest protein Papain (papaya) – a natural plant-sourced enzyme that works together with bromelain to digest protein Pancreatin – an animal-based pancreatic enzyme providing all three of these enzymes: Protease – helps break down proteins into amino acids for digestion mylase – for splitting and breaking down long-chain carbohydrates, including starch and glycogen (the energy-storage molecule in animal tissue) for digestion in the small intestine Lipase – helps break down and digest fats When used this way, after meals, the enzymes circulate throughout her body via the bloodstream, helping to: Support the healthy circulation of blood through arteries Maintaining normal immune function Clear cellular debris while cleansing tissue Stimulate healthy new cell growth Promote normal cell growth Promote a healthy immune response Support normal detoxification processes Clear away undigested proteins, cleansing the lymph and blood Unlike so many animal supplements available today, the ingredients used in Healthy Pets Digestive Enzymes are human grade – meaning, they’re not any different than those you or I would take. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing you’re safeguarding your pet’s delicate enzyme stores and helping to promote the best health possible. 

Natural Flea & Tick Spray

( I would only reccomended for pets that frequent the outdoors and in areas that have flea and ticks)

A safe, natural pest deterrent that fits the bill—it’s called Natural Flea & Tick Defense. Here are the natural Brazilian oils and ingredients found in Natural Flea & Tick Defense: Lemongrass oil –When formulated into a spray for pets, promotes a shiny, healthy coat, and helps repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Cinnamon oil – A versatile essential oil widely used in the household. It is an effective environmentally-friendly ingredient that helps deter mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pests from attacking your dog or cat. Sesame oil – A rich, almost odorless oil derived from tiny sesame seeds. When combined with other essential oils it helps protect against pests and promotes the health of your pet’s skin and coat. Castor oil – Castor oil has been used for years by veterinarians. When combined with other oils, helps to repel a variety of pests. Purified water – Only the purest water is used to help blend and properly balance the unique formula of essential oils. the following is written by Dr. Becker -- There’s one very important point I want to make about these ingredients … it’s not the individual elements that make Natural Flea & Tick Defense so effective, it’s the expert blending and balancing of the Brazilian oils with the pure water. This is what distinguishes a natural effective product from just a natural ingredient. Results from a 2006 study did show how the Natural Flea & Tick Defense formulation was well tolerated by cats. This is a very important distinction for this product. I’ve seen my share of kitties in my practice that were injured through the improper use of an essential oil their owner thought couldn’t possibly harm them. The Natural Flea & Tick Defense formula of natural oils (in spray and wipes) from the Amazon rainforest more than satisfies my selection criteria for a safe and natural pest deterrent for your pet. 

Vets Best Urinary Tract Support

A special urinary tract assistant for cats. Helps support normal, healthy urinary tract function. Contains real cranberry that helps maintain a cat's urine at a normal, healthy acidic and free-flowing level. 

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