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Lisa Jeffrey 

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Spots On The Savannahs has been recently featured in Lorre Smith's Newest book!

" The Savannah Cat Book" 

for our important role in the founding of the history of the savannah breed here in Canada and working to have the breed accepted for both show and registry with the Canadian Cat Association ( CCA) 

Thanks so much for this amazing recogonition Lorre!

I am very proud to have been such a important part of history for the breed here in Canada.

Here is an excerpt from this amazing book regarding 

Spots On The Lake Savannahs! 

the entire book can be purchased at this link:


More about Savannah Breeder Lisa Jeffrey

Lisa has worked in the medical field for 16 years which has lent her the knowledge on the birthing and raising savannah kittens, dealing with issues that may arrise with mothers and neonatal's and what it takes to care for her cats and kittens. 

Lisa has extensive knowledge and history with the breed and has a solid 14 years of experience working with this breed. 

Savannah Cattery

Spots On The Lake ( Lisa Jeffrey) has been raising savannah cats in Ontario, Canada for the last 14 years. 

We are located in Canada's prettiest town called 

Niagara On The Lake Ontario, our town is a wonderful place to visit, people come from all over the world to tour our wineries, visit our live theatres, shops, restaurants and enjoy our quaint town full of history and old town charm! A perfect place to come visit and pick up your new family member! 

We also offer personal Kitten Delivery Service both by Air and Car ( within Canada and to the USA) should you require that of course we encourage you to pick up your kitten in person, but do understand not every one is able to so.

Spots On The Lake Savannah Cattery was one of the first breeders in Canada to start working with this breed and we now remain the longest standing breeder of these fine and rare cats here in Canada... 

I am an advocate of natural feline medicine and firm believer in preventitive health in regards to our own cats and kittens. 

Lisa Jeffrey was the savannah breeder that brought the savannah breed to be accepted by the Canadian Cat Association ( CCA) for both registry as a purebred breed and to be eligible for the show ring across Canada. Spots On The Lake is proud to have paved the way for the savannah breed here in Canada with the number of Shows we compleated, and now a breed regonized for Championship level with several major Cat Fancy Associations. 

Lisa Jeffrey educated the CCA judges about the breed and contributed to the majority of the writting for the breed standard here in Canada. 

Spots On The Lake has worked in T.V and Film work with our savannahs aswell as education & advertisments. All our cats have wonderful genetics, pure breedings behind them, and excellent health and super sweet temperments! 

We look to place our kittens in only the very best loving homes, with people whom are willing to care and keep their new kitten for its entire lifetime and can appricate the time and love that goes into raising such a wonderful cat.

We specialize in the traditional BST Colour Savannahs.

We are focused on developing Savannahs with affectionate Personalities & Striking Exotic Looks. 

Our Breeding Goal is to achieve Cats that are healthy, beautiful and have wonderful temperments. 

We focus on Exotic Spotted Coats, Large Ears, Long Legs combined with a friendly, outgoing, loyal temperament. Our Kittens are very well socialized before leaving to their new homes, which is something that the new owner will need to countinue to do as the kitten grows, as with any pet.  

All our Breeding Cats are all registered with T.I.C.A 

We vet test all of our breeding cats for FIV and FELV we are proud to say we are a FIV and FELV negative cattery.

We currently raise F2 and F3 generations only and seek to place in wonderful indoor pet homes with forever loving familes, as our kittens deserve only the very BEST homes with lots of love!

We screen all potential homes very carefully, and have a pre-adoption application found on my website, that all interested parties must fill out prior to being able to adopt one of our kittens

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or check our my U-tube channel to see updates, photos and videos of all the cattery happenings here at Spots On The Lake Savannahs!  


Lisa Jeffrey - Spots On The Lake is a proud member of


(T.I.C.A) The International Cat Club Registered Cattery



(C.C.A) Canadian Cat Association Registered Cattery


Savannah Breed Secretary for the CCA ( 2006-2008)



( K.K.C) The Kool Kats Club Founding Member


 Savannah Breed Section Active Member

CCF ( Cheetah Conservation Fund ) supporting member & volunteer of Conservation

Longest standing savannah cat breeder in Canada.

Contact me today! 

via email : lisa@savannahcat.ca 


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